Famed ‘halo-halo’ restaurant to open in Dubai

A Filipino-run restaurant, which is known for its signature “halo-halo” recipe, is set to conquer the Middle East to satisfy the cravings of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the region.

Jose Razon, executive vice president of Razon’s Food Corporation, said Razon’s of Guagua will open a store in Dubai by the end of the year.

“It will be our first international store in Dubai, and we are excited to cater to our over a million OFWs in the region. There is a demand for real Filipino food in Dubai,” Razon told The Standard.

The restaurant will operate with an all-Filipino crew.

He said the group will apply for halal certification to be able to offer popular Filipino dishes in the MIddle East.

“While OFWs are our primary market, we will still strive to make mainstream Filipino dishes in the Middle East. We can do that with a halal certification,” he added.

Aside from its halo-halo, Razon’s is also known for its pancit luglug.

The food chain currently has over 80 branches in the Philippines.

Source: The Filipino Times

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